About Skyhawk

The team behind Skyhawk Oversea

The Skyhawk team is passionate about building great electronics that protect our most important assets. With experts in marine electronics, hardware design, software development, production, manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer support, the Skyhawk team has built Skyhawk Oversea completely in house, without relying on other designers, developers or manufacturers, allowing it to develop new products and iterate on them rapidly.

About Skyhawk

Skyhawk is the leader in battery-powered remote monitoring solutions. The company has developed groundbreaking technology which enables new types of remote monitoring applications and forms the basis for its Trapmate, Oversea, and PRIoT product lines. Skyhawk monitoring devices are installed in thousands of locations around the United States.

Skyhawk products are manufactured at the company’s Derry, NH manufacturing facility, which also serves as company headquarter.Skyhawk is a member of the PICA Group of companies, a leader in electronic manufacturing.

Building a Skyhawk Oversea circuit
The PICA Manufacturing Team

About the PICA Group

For more than 20 years, the PICA Group companies have been helping some of the largest companies in consumer electronics, medical devices and retail design and manufacture their products. The group is a known leader in the supply of flex and rigid-flex PCBs as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The group’s more than 170 employees are located at the Derry, NH headquarters, in other US office locations, at its Malaysian manufacturing facility and at its Chinese design and sourcing office. For more information, visit the PICA Manufacturing web site.