Oversea Sensors

Monitor Your Boat From Anywhere

We take pride in offering the most extensive range of sensors for boat monitoring on the market with an expected battery life of 7-10 years. All Skyhawk Oversea sensors are designed to communicate seamlessly through any Oversea Hub, utilizing our exclusive communication protocol, known as Flocksense™. You can manage all of this effortlessly using our Oversea App. With just a tap on your screen, you can check your boat’s health from anywhere in the US.

Our sensors share several key features:

  • No more passwords or complicated setup steps required

  • Signals can be sent through your sensor’s hub or any nearby hub

  • Automatically checks if sensors are connected

  • Strong signal transmission for reliable connections

  • Alerts are sent instantly when needed

  • Important alerts are sent right away

  • Less urgent data is stored on the sensor for a few hours before being sent, saving battery

  • Smart technology reduces power usage, making the battery last much longer

Oversea sensors for boat monitoring

Through our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer the most comprehensive selection of sensors available in the market today

Oversea Battery Sensor

Battery Sensor

The battery sensor is crafted to monitor the voltage of your boat’s battery, presenting the data in a visually intuitive graphical format through our Oversea App. Users have the flexibility to establish custom low-voltage thresholds. Battery voltage readings are stored in batches and subsequently downloaded to optimize the sensor’s battery longevity.

Bilge Pump Sensor

This sensor is designed to monitor your boat’s bilge pump activity, tracking when it turns on and off. You can set it to alert you if the pump runs for too long. The sensor also shows you past pump activity in easy-to-read graphs. It’s normal for the pump to run sometimes, but if it runs excessively, you’ll know right away.

Bilge High-Water Sensor

The primary purpose of the Bilge High-Water Sensor is to detect high water levels in the bilge, ensuring early detection of potential flooding issues. The sensor is equipped with a standard 4-foot extension cable, terminating in a 2-prong sensor. This sensor should be placed in an area that is not subject to routine wetting to avoid generating false alerts, providing accurate and reliable monitoring of water levels.

Additionally, the sensor features a low-temperature alert function that can be activated to monitor critical temperature drops. This alert is preset at 2°C, helping to prevent potential damage from freezing conditions. This dual functionality makes the Bilge High Water & Temperature Sensor an essential tool for maintaining the safety and integrity of your vessel by providing early warnings for both high water levels and low temperatures.

Sound Sensor

The Sound Sensor is designed to detect loud sounds, such as a smoke alarm, when placed near the source of the sound. It can detect most alarm sounds if physically placed next to the alarm itself. The sensor does not record voices or report sound levels; it only indicates when a sound threshold has been exceeded.

The Overseas system was developed to help protect life and property from marina or boat storage fire events. Our system enables the monitoring of all boats stored in a dense area for fire events from a central location. This is made possible by our unique “No pairing, No password” communications system architecture.

Temperature, Humidity, Water

The Temperature, Humidity, and Water Sensor is designed to monitor and graphically track temperature and humidity readings. It can alert users when predefined temperature and humidity thresholds are crossed. Additionally, it features an extended water monitoring probe to detect leaks in typically dry areas. The sensor is vented to allow for accurate humidity readings and is not recommended for use in bilges.

Shore Power Sensor

The Shore Power Sensor is an advanced monitoring device designed to detect and report the output voltage (5.2V) of a USB charger port. This sensor provides real-time tracking of power status, detecting and reporting any on/off events. By continuously monitoring the voltage output, it helps ensure that your shore power connection is reliable and consistent. Additionally, the sensor offers cumulative tracking, providing a comprehensive overview of power usage and any interruptions over time. This detailed monitoring capability makes it an essential tool for maintaining the safety and functionality of your shore power systems.

Entry Sensor

The Entry Sensor is a versatile and reliable device designed to monitor and report entry events and status changes. This sensor can be deployed on a variety of devices both on and near your boat, providing comprehensive security coverage. It detects and logs entry events, offering real-time updates to ensure you are always aware of any activity. With proper hub placement, the sensor maintains a strong connection and can operate effectively even when placed several hundred feet away. This extended range capability ensures that you can monitor critical entry points without any loss of signal or performance, enhancing the overall safety and security of your boat.

PIR Sensor

Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

The PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor is designed to detect motion by identifying temperature differences, such as the heat emitted by a person entering its field of view. For optimal performance, this sensor should be installed in a secluded area free from other heat sources that could trigger false alerts.

For example, if the sensor’s range includes a boat cover, it may generate false alerts due to the cover’s movement in the wind, as the sensor cannot distinguish between a person and a warm boat cover. Ensuring that the sensor is positioned away from potential sources of heat and movement will maximize its accuracy and reliability in detecting genuine motion events.