Discover The Oversea Difference

Advanced technology for better boat monitoring

Boat monitoring systems aren’t new. But they’ve been too expensive, too hard to install, and they run out of power when you still need monitoring. Skyhawk Oversea is different.

True self-powered boat monitoring

Skyhawk Oversea combines long range sensor monitoring, location on demand, vessel tracking, and cellular cloud connectivity, all running on replaceable AA batteries.

We’ve reduced the power required to deliver these features by 99.7% compared to other systems. This breakthrough, currently only available for U.S.-based boats,  paves the way for years of continuous monitoring, and many other benefits.

Year-round protection

With Oversea, you can keep your boats safe, secure and ready all year-round — for several years, actually — whether they’re in the water, on a trailer, or in storage.

Locate your boat anytime, anywhere

Oversea will provide your boat’s location on demand, even indoors where GPS cannot function. It ensures accurate tracking whether your boat is outdoors or indoors.

Installation Made Simple

Simply drop the Oversea hub in place, line up the bearing arrow, mount your Oversea sensors where needed, and connect to the Hub and go.

  • No Wiring Required

  • No Passwords or Pairing

  • Just Scan and Go

Protect multiple boats and assets

The Oversea Hub is capable of tracking sensors over a long range, allowing you to safeguard multiple boats on a single Hub. You can keep multiple boats — or even storage lockers nearby an Oversea Hub — safe and secure all year round.

American-made quality. At a fraction of the cost.

Skyhawk Oversea is proudly vertically integrated in the US, featuring full design and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to ensure superior performance and reliability in the harsh marine environment, while also providing industry-leading hardware prices, continuous innovation, and a diverse range of sensors, saving you money.