Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the app?2024-04-19T14:30:59-07:00

You can download our app via the Google store or Apple store, simply click your preferred store below.

Why do Oversea devices cost so much less than other monitoring equipment I’ve seen? Are there trade-offs?2024-04-19T13:45:58-07:00

Oversea devices are much more affordable than other systems we see out there. The Oversea Hub, our gateway, is $299 normally — less during promotional sales — whereas others can be $800 or more and our sensors range from $29 to $69.

Every system is different and we encourage you to compare them and their different features. What we know is that the Oversea system will run longer — important for most boaters who aren’t with their boats for extended periods of time — will be easier to install, and offers unique features like long-range monitoring, Hub sharing and indoor/outdoor location on demand.

The reason we are able to offer Oversea for the prices we do is that Skyhawk is a fully vertically integrated company. We do all of our design and development in-house, and we also do all of our own manufacturing in our US factory. Since Skyhawk’s parent company makes electronic components for industry leaders, we enjoy substantially better component pricing than do others who don’t own their own manufacturing facilities but job it out.

Oversea has a 30-day no questions asked return policy so we urge you to try Oversea and see how it compares. We feel comfortable you’ll see the benefits of our year-round monitoring capabilities and ease of installs — and, yes, the lower price.

What are the different components of the Oversea System?2024-04-19T13:47:21-07:00

Oversea is a flexible system which provides multiple devices and software to match your monitoring needs. The only requirement for operation is to either have your own Hub, or to be able to connect to a friend’s or a marina’s Hub.

Currently, there are eight Oversea devices

  • The Oversea Hub
  • Battery Sensor
  • Bilge Sensor
  • Entry Sensor
  • Shore Power Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Temperature, Humidity and Water Sensor

Details about each of these products can be found in the Oversea Shop.

In addition, the Oversea System comes with a mobile app, which runs on most of the iOS and Android phones in use. This app is used to monitor each of your Oversea devices, send and forward alerts, manage your subscriptions, monitor battery voltage and bilge operation, and to access your boat’s location. The app can be set up to work with multiple boats you own, as can the Hub and sensors.

Where can I use Skyhawk Oversea?2024-04-11T14:22:52-07:00

At this time, Oversea supports monitoring of boats that are within the United States. Oversea utilizes advanced Internet of Things cellular connectivity technology from Verizon to get alerts from your boat to your Oversea app, so your boat’s Hub will need to have at least a minimal Verizon connection to provide real-time data. The Oversea mobile app can run anywhere in the world there’s an Internet connection.

We will be rolling out support for other regions in late 2024 and 2025.

When will Skyhawk offer Oversea outside of the United States?2024-04-11T14:29:11-07:00

To deliver the performance, ease of use, cost and other advantages of Skyhawk Oversea, the system utilizes advanced cellular IoT connectivity technologies that aren’t consistently implemented around the globe. As such, we have chosen to launch Skyhawk Oversea initially to boaters with boats in the United States, anywhere there’s even a weak Verizon signal.

We’re now working on Canada and Caribbean support, to be followed by rollouts in other regions, starting in early 2025.

What are the functions of the Oversea Hub?2024-02-13T23:24:14-08:00

The Oversea Hub has two main functions — as a gateway and as a location tracker.

As a gateway, the Oversea Hub uses long-range radio frequency signals to monitor any number of sensors which can be as far away as 1,000 feet (so, on multiple boats if you want). When a sensor triggers an alert, the Hub almost instantly receives it and initiates a cellular connection to broadcast that alert to you in the app, by e-mail and/or by SMS. The Hub also checks to make sure that all sensors are working correctly and monitors their battery power. The Hub also collects, from certain sensors, polling data about battery voltage and bilge pump operation which is also relayed to the Oversea app.

The Hub is also a location tracking device. Using an advanced cellular IoT technology known as eDRX, the Hub can be queried at any time as to its location, so you’ll know where your boat is whenever you want or need to. This location finding technology can be used when the boat is outdoors, of course, but also works when your boat is under a carport or in a storage building where a GPS signal can’t get through.

The Hub also tracks your boat’s compass bearing, and monitors it for changes that might indicate boat theft or boat drift.

How long do the batteries last in the Oversea devices?2024-02-13T23:18:12-08:00

As with any electronic device, the lifetime of its power supply depends on how you use it.

That said, Oversea sensors have an expected battery lifetime of at least five years, and the batteries may last up to 10 years.

The Oversea Hub has an expected battery lifetime of one year, and the batteries may last as long as three years.

In any event, all Oversea devices use off-the-shelf batteries and are easily replaceable. You’ll be notified in the Oversea app if batteries are running low.

Does the Oversea Hub connect to my boat battery?2024-02-13T23:14:20-08:00

No, the Oversea Hub draws power from its own internal AA batteries. You don’t need to connect the Hub to your battery, and the Hub will never drain your boat battery as other monitoring systems can.

When will Oversea be available for purchase?2024-04-19T13:49:39-07:00

Oversea is available for purchase now! You can find the Oversea Shop here.

What is Oversea’s return policy?2024-02-13T23:12:02-08:00

We offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy — if you’re not satisfied with your Oversea purchase you can return it to us within 30 days of when you received it and receive a full refund on your purchase price, unless the units were damaged by inappropriate use.

If any Oversea Hub or sensor stops working, and our support team can’t solve the problem with you, we will replace the unit at no charge, provided again that there was no inappropriate use or damage to the device.

To return a device, send e-mail to info@oversea.boats and request a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. We’ll provide you with that number and instructions on how to make the return.

Does Oversea charge for shipping?2024-04-19T13:52:05-07:00

We are pleased to offer free shipping for all orders within the continental United States. No minimum purchase is required. For Hawaii and Alaska we have a flat rate for shipping, this will be calculated when you are ready to check out.

How far away can Oversea sensors be from the Hub and still connect?2024-02-09T22:17:45-08:00

We’ve tested Oversea sensors and most of them can connect to a Hub more than a thousand feet away. The Entry Sensor has a lower range, in the hundreds of feet.

For any single boat or set of boats nearby this range should be perfectly fine. Sensor reach can vary based on where you have your Hub located and where the sensors are located, based on how many walls are between the devices and the composition of the walls.

We urge you to test sensor range on your own. All of our products have a 30-day no questions asked return policy, so in the event you find that your sensor reception isn’t meeting your objectives, we’ll gladly refund your purchase within that window.

Do I need an Oversea Hub to use sensors on my boat?2024-02-09T22:08:25-08:00

The Oversea sensors communicate to the Oversea mobile app via a Hub, so they need a Hub to operate. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be your Hub! If one of your dock buddies has a Hub and his boat is close by yours (whether in the water or out) then your sensors can connect to his Hub. Some marinas may also offer Hub sharing. We offer sensor-only subscriptions for Oversea users that use someone else’s Hub

Keep in mind that without your own Hub, you won’t get to utilize its location-on-demand capability or its boat movement detection features. And if your friend with the Hub is on the water, you wouldn’t be able to get sensor alerts.

What types of sensors does Oversea offer?2024-02-09T22:01:32-08:00

Skyhawk currently offers seven different sensors to help you oversee your boat’s safety, security and readiness. These sensors are:

  • Battery Sensor: Monitors your battery voltage and alerts you if it’s too low or drops too rapidly
  • Bilge Sensor: Monitors the operation of your bilge pump and alerts you if its running too frequently or for too long
  • Entry Sensor: Attaches to your doors, hatches, cabinets, lockers and alerts you if someone has opened them
  • Shore Power Sensor: Notifies you if your shore power connection is lost for any reason
  • PIR Motion Sensor: Alerts you if it detects movement within its “viewing cone” of 100 degrees. Range of 16 ft.
  • Sound Sensor: Monitors for loud sounds (greater than 80 dB) such as smoke and othr alarms, and alerts you immediately when they sound
  • THW Sensor: Alerts you when the bilge level hits the height you set, and also monitors the temperature and humidity around it

Skyhawk is developing additional sensors to provide even more protection for your boat. E-mail us what you’d like to see at info@oversea.boats


Is a subscription required to use Oversea?2024-02-05T20:40:28-08:00

Yes, you will need to subscribe your Oversea devices to connect them to the mobile app. Subscriptions are purchased on the Oversea app as part of the setup process for each device.

How much do Oversea subscriptions cost?2024-03-20T10:45:53-07:00

Oversea subscription costs are determined by the number of devices in your Oversea network and whether you opt for an 1-year or 2-year subscription. All subscriptions are paid in advance for the selected term and will auto-renew unless canceled. You will receive advance notice of any renewal.

A subscription is necessary to connect your Oversea devices to the mobile app. Subscriptions are purchased through the Oversea app as part of the setup process for each device.

  • Hub and sensor subscription

    • $19.99/month

    • Includes: 1 hub and up to 6 sensors.

  • Hub only subscription

    • $14.99/month

  • 3 pack sensor only subscription (no Hub owned)

    • $9.99/month for each 3 sensors

  • Subscription Period: All plans are based on a monthly rate for 1-year prepaid subscriptions.

  • Discount for 2-Year Plans: Customers opting for 2-year plans will receive a 20% discount on the total subscription cost.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: All subscription plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee for full satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days of your subscription, you can request a full refund.

  • Renewal: All subscriptions are paid in advance for the term selected, and will auto-renew unless otherwise cancelled. You will be notified in advance of any renewal.

Do you offer seasonal subscriptions?2024-02-06T08:39:55-08:00

Unlike other boat monitoring systems, Oversea is designed to monitor your boat all year round. Since all Oversea devices run on off-the-shelf batteries, for multiple years, you can keep monitoring active for security and safety features whether your boat is in the water, on a trailer, in storage or anywhere else. Theft doesn’t stop in the off-season; the majority of boat thefts occur when the boat is on a trailer.

As such, we don’t provide a seasonal subscription rate since our goal is to protect your boat at all times during the year.


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