The Oversea Hub

Award Winning Technology

The award winning Oversea Hub, the heart of our system, stands out for its unique self-powered design to run on standard AA batteries. The replaceable internal batteries (Energizer Ultimate recommended) can last seven to ten years as a tracking device or two to three years as a gateway.

It offers two modes: as a standalone tracking/find-me device or as a tracker + gateway combination, where it serves as a forwarding device for local sensor signals. This remarkable capability is achieved through our proprietary FlockSense™ sensor signal capturing technology, paired with cutting-edge cellular IoT connectivity and refined firmware programming that optimizes RF duty cycles.

There is simply no other product on the market that offers the same level of performance.

Skyhawk Oversea Hub for boat monitoring year round

Built-In Heading Monitoring

The hub is equipped with a compass that displays the approximate heading. This compass sensor can be set up to send notifications when the boat’s direction changes. This feature is useful for monitoring the boat for any undesired movement, with minimal battery consumption when the boat is docked or being trailered.

On-Demand Location Finder

The Hub is equipped with built-in GPS and indoor location technology, allowing for precise location tracking. With just a single “ping”, the same way a cell phone “ping” determines the location of a phone, you can locate the Hub using the Oversea App, leveraging advanced cellular IoT connectivity in eDRX mode. Unlike many other battery-operated trackers, there’s no need to preprogram the device’s ping rate – this is customized to your own on-demand preference. Furthermore, radial geofence monitoring will soon be available through an over-the-air update, enhancing the device’s functionality even further.

on-demand location finding from the Oversea App