Why Monitor Your Boat?

Keep your boat secure, safe and ready to go

Avoid unexpected problems. Boat monitoring is one of the best investments you could make.

Keep your boat secure

Theft is on the rise. Oversea gives you more tools to fight back to keep your boat, electronics, motors and other gear safe.

You’ll know if your boat is moving unexpectedly. Or if there’s an unexpected guest in your cabin. There’s no perfect solution to boat theft, but Oversea stacks the odds in your favor.

Keep your boat safe

If there are potential dangers to your boat, you need to know immediately.

Whether it’s overactive bilge pumps, excessive heat and humidity, or alarms that start sounding, Oversea will send you alerts so you can keep your boat safe.

Keep your boat ready

There’s nothing worse than planning a big day on the water and then finding that your boat’s batteries are dead.

Oversea makes sure you’re never surprised. You’ll get alerts when your battery voltages are low. You’ll know if your shore power is working or not. You’ll always know that you’re ready to go.

Keep your boat in good health

Keep your boat in excellent operating condition by nipping potential maintenance issues in the bud.

Dropping battery voltage, high temperatures and excess water in the bilge can all be signs of trouble. Oversea alerts you early on, so small problems don’t become large ones.