Boat Monitoring For All

Skyhawk Oversea. Simply Innovative.

Oversea brings together advanced gateway technology, powerful sensors and a mobile app to deliver boat monitoring that’s powerful, easy to use, and affordable for all US based boaters.

The best boat monitoring system in the US

The Oversea Hub™

The Oversea Hub is combines an on-demand cellular-based location/bearing tracker and a long-range radio frequency gateway that sends Oversea sensor alerts to your phone from your boat virtually anywhere in the United States.

You can install your Hub in minutes – there’s no complicated wiring and no boat battery connections are required. The Hub runs on its own AA batteries for years at a time, for true always-on monitoring.

Oversea sensors for boat monitoring

The Oversea Sensors

A wide range of wireless sensors designed to keep continuous watch over your boat.  They’re lightweight and rugged and easy to install. Just scan their QR code and go – no complicated pairing required.

These long-range sensors can reach Hubs as far away as 1,000 feet, so you use them for multiple boats or other assets you want to protect. An Oversea first!


Get monitoring for years on standard AA batteries.

Easy to Install

Forget about installers and wiring. Just drop and go.

Location on Demand

Find your US-based boat at any time whether it’s stored or moored.

Long Sensor Range

Monitor one or more close-by boats on a single Hub.

Battery Sensor

Monitors battery voltage levels and rate of change

Oversea Bilge Sensor

Monitors your the frequency and duration of bilge pump operation

Oversea Bilge Sensor

Detects high water levels in the bilge, ensuring early detection of potential flooding issues

Oversea Entry Sensor

Monitors access to doors, cabinets, lockers and other entry points

Oversea Shore Power Sensor

Monitors the status of your shore power connection

Oversea Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Senses motion inside and on your boat using infrared detectors

Oversea Sound Sensor

Listens for audible alarms such as smoke, CO and burglar alarms

Oversea Temperature Humidity and Water Sensor

Measures ambient temperature and humidity, can also detect water in typically dry space

The Oversea mobile app

Skyhawk Oversea App puts peace of mind right in the palm of your hand. At a glance, see where your boat is, check the status of your boat’s systems and investigate any alerts. Get alerted to small issues before they can become big problems. No matter where your boat is, and all year round.

Protection | Confidence | Peace of Mind

Track Your Boat

Know instantly where your boat is anywhere in the U.S.

Instant Alerts

You’ll receive alerts whenever there’s an issue, so you can take action if needed

Analyze Data

Get graphs on bilge pump activity and battery voltage for easy analysis

Custom Controls

Monitor Oversea device status and adjust sensitivity settings

Stay Connected

Set up e-mail and SMS alerts to anyone that should get them