Oversea is a flexible system which provides multiple devices and software to match your monitoring needs. The only requirement for operation is to either have your own Hub, or to be able to connect to a friend’s or a marina’s Hub.

Currently, there are eight Oversea devices

  • The Oversea Hub
  • Battery Sensor
  • Bilge Sensor
  • Entry Sensor
  • Shore Power Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Temperature, Humidity and Water Sensor

Details about each of these products can be found in the Oversea Shop.

In addition, the Oversea System comes with a mobile app, which runs on most of the iOS and Android phones in use. This app is used to monitor each of your Oversea devices, send and forward alerts, manage your subscriptions, monitor battery voltage and bilge operation, and to access your boat’s location. The app can be set up to work with multiple boats you own, as can the Hub and sensors.