Oversea devices are much more affordable than other systems we see out there. The Oversea Hub, our gateway, is $299 normally — less during promotional sales — whereas others can be $800 or more and our sensors range from $29 to $69.

Every system is different and we encourage you to compare them and their different features. What we know is that the Oversea system will run longer — important for most boaters who aren’t with their boats for extended periods of time — will be easier to install, and offers unique features like long-range monitoring, Hub sharing and indoor/outdoor location on demand.

The reason we are able to offer Oversea for the prices we do is that Skyhawk is a fully vertically integrated company. We do all of our design and development in-house, and we also do all of our own manufacturing in our US factory. Since Skyhawk’s parent company makes electronic components for industry leaders, we enjoy substantially better component pricing than do others who don’t own their own manufacturing facilities but job it out.

Oversea has a 30-day no questions asked return policy so we urge you to try Oversea and see how it compares. We feel comfortable you’ll see the benefits of our year-round monitoring capabilities and ease of installs — and, yes, the lower price.