The Oversea Hub has two main functions — as a gateway and as a location tracker.

As a gateway, the Oversea Hub uses long-range radio frequency signals to monitor any number of sensors which can be as far away as 1,000 feet (so, on multiple boats if you want). When a sensor triggers an alert, the Hub almost instantly receives it and initiates a cellular connection to broadcast that alert to you in the app, by e-mail and/or by SMS. The Hub also checks to make sure that all sensors are working correctly and monitors their battery power. The Hub also collects, from certain sensors, polling data about battery voltage and bilge pump operation which is also relayed to the Oversea app.

The Hub is also a location tracking device. Using an advanced cellular IoT technology known as eDRX, the Hub can be queried at any time as to its location, so you’ll know where your boat is whenever you want or need to. This location finding technology can be used when the boat is outdoors, of course, but also works when your boat is under a carport or in a storage building where a GPS signal can’t get through.

The Hub also tracks your boat’s compass bearing, and monitors it for changes that might indicate boat theft or boat drift.