Innovative Engineering Provides Years of Operation Using Standard Replaceable Batteries, Delivers Affordable Year-Round Monitoring for All Vessels

February 14, 2024 — Skyhawk Oversea is bringing boaters of all types a practical, easy, and surprisingly affordable way to keep their vessels safe, secure, and ready to go all year long. This innovative, American made solution — the Skyhawk Oversea Boat Monitoring System — made its global debut to the industry, press and boating enthusiasts at today’s 2024 Miami International Boat Show.

The Oversea system consists of a wireless battery-powered hub, a full family of wireless battery-powered sensors and an easy-to-use app. Advanced engineering enables the Oversea Hub to provide a minimum of one year of operation on replaceable AA batteries, up to three years in most tracking/monitoring applications, and five to 10 years when used solely for on-demand location/tracking. Oversea sensors also are designed to deliver five to 10 years of operation using standard replaceable batteries.  This makes Oversea the only fully battery-powered monitoring system truly capable of providing continuous year-round protection, regardless of where a boat is stored.

Oversea makes boat monitoring easier than ever before. With no wires or connections required, installation is a breeze for boaters of all skill levels. The compact, self-powered Oversea Hub can be located almost anywhere on the boat. All that’s required is to drop the hub into place — it is IP67 waterproof rated and includes a rubberized sleeve for added protection against the elements.

By itself, the Oversea Hub provides accurate location-on-demand tracking, whether it’s in a storage yard, in a marina, or on a trailer. Oversea provides position data using a combination of LTE cellular triangulation, Wi-Fi triangulation and active GPS. This means that even when a vessel is stored inside of a building or parking structure where GPS isn’t available, owners can still pinpoint where their boat is located, anytime they want to know.

The Oversea Hub also monitors compass orientation and can instantly alert boaters if the vessel is moved. This feature is not only valuable for added security on land, but it can also alert boaters to unusual drift movements on a mooring or a dragging anchor while they are having dinner ashore.

Boaters can customize their Oversea system and monitor more aspects of their vessel with a full family of IP67 waterproof sensors. The Oversea sensor family allows boaters to monitor battery status, shore power connection, bilge pump activity, and temperature/humidity/high water, sending alerts that can help keep a vessel safe from costly damage and ready to use whenever the owner arrives.

Oversea’s PIR motion sensors and door entry sensors can be easily deployed around the boat to alert owners when somebody comes onboard or opens cabin entry doors, console doors or storage compartments. In addition, a unique sound sensor is designed to detect sounds from audible smoke alarms, CO alarms and burglar alarms aboard the host vessel (or even nearby boats) and then alert the owner — turning any alarm into a “smart alarm.”

These advanced 915mHz RF sensors can link with the hub from hundreds of feet away, allowing for versatile installation around the boat. The Oversea Hub can support a nearly limitless number of sensors, meaning boaters can easily place the sensors they need where they’re needed, tailoring the ideal monitoring system for their boat and boating lifestyle. The range and monitoring capacity of the Oversea Hub even provide the ability to monitor multiple vessels through a single hub — ideal for boaters who have two boats stored on their property or marina-based boaters who want to share peace of mind with friends in neighboring slips.

Sensors are designed to mount easily where they’re needed and connect to the hub without complicated passwords or pairing. All boaters need to do is install, scan, and leave worry in their wake.

“Our overarching goal is to bring peace of mind and security to as many boaters as possible,” said Richard Shevelow, founder of Skyhawk and avid boat owner/enthusiast. “We’ve invested a lot of capital and technical expertise to create a system that meets the practical, year-round monitoring needs of boaters — one that’s easy to install, easy to use, and most importantly, easy to afford,” added Shevelow.

Oversea is bringing this technology to boaters for a fraction of the cost of other systems on the market.  Boaters can use the Oversea Hub alone ($299 retail) to provide continuous location-on-demand tracking and vessel movement alerts.   Consumers can also choose the sensors they need for more extensive monitoring and security.   For example, a package combining the hub and three sensors retails for $449; the hub and six sensors carries a retail price of $599.

A subscription plan is required to enable cellular location tracking and alerts on mobile devices.

The Oversea System will begin shipping in Spring 2024, with the hub and seven available sensors. Additional Oversea sensors will roll out later in the year.