Oversea Hub


The Oversea Hub is the nerve center of the Oversea Boat Monitoring System. Powered by AA batteries, with no need to wire it to your boat battery for power, it is easy and simple to install.

As a standalone device, it can provide your boat’s location on demand, along with its bearing.

As a networked device, it can monitor dozens or more Oversea Sensors on your boat as well as other craft nearby.

With more than 5 years of battery lifetime as a standalone device, and more than 2 years of lifetime as a sensor gateway, the Oversea Hub provides you with year-round monitoring so your boats and the property on them stay safe, secure and ready to go at any time.

Oversea devices require a subscription to activate, and currently only provide monitoring for boats located in the United States. You’ll find more information on subscription rates in the subscription tab below.

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The Skyhawk Oversea Hub is the heart of our self-powered, Internet of Things (IoT) solution for monitoring the safety, readiness, and security of one or more vessels.  Alone, this AA-battery powered device provides years of location-on-demand tracking and can detect even small compass bearing fluctuations to immediately alert owners to potential theft, unauthorized movement, or a dragging anchor.    The Hub also easily integrates with an array of powerful wireless RF sensors to monitor a wide range of critical factors including battery and shore power status, bilge pump activity, high water, motion detection, door entry and more.

The Oversea Hub currently monitors boats located in the United States only.

Because the Hub and all sensors are battery powered, Skyhawk Oversea delivers year-round monitoring with no drain on the boat’s batteries.   It’s perfect for boats of all types and sizes, where they’re stored in a marina, on a trailer, on a home dock or boat lift, or even on a mooring.   With boats spending most of their time in storage, Skyhawk Oversea provides owners with continuous peace-of-mind without wearing down the very batteries you need to enjoy your boat when the opportunity comes.

With no wiring or connections to make, installing the Skyhawk Oversea Hub is simple — just screw to any flat surface, line up the orientation arrow and you’re ready.

Here are just some of the benefits boaters will enjoy:

  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.
  • Completely self-powered — no wiring to boat batteries and no battery drain
  • Compact 4”X 4” Hub can be installed on any flat surface, comes with protective sleeve and mounting attachments
  • Provides standalone vessel tracking for 5-7 years on 3 replaceable AA batteries, 2-3 years when used as a monitoring hub
  • Accurate on-demand vessel position via cellular triangulation, WiFi triangulation and built-in GPS
  • IP64/IP67 rated for protection against the elements
  • Tracks and routes alerts from a wide and expanding family of Skyhawk Oversea sensors
  • Long-range sub-GHz RF connections to sensors allow monitoring of multiple boats hundreds of feet apart from a single Hub — ideal for multi-boat households and “dock buddies”
  • Verizon LTE CAT M-1 cellular connection to the cloud (subscription required)
  • Easily track and monitor vessels located in the United States using the free Skyhawk Oversea app

Every boater deserves year-round peace of mind, security, and confidence when it’s time to hit the water.

Remember, Oversea devices require a subscription to activate, and currently only provide monitoring for boats located in the United States. You’ll find more information on subscription rates in the adjacent subscription tab



Subscription Information

Oversea subscription costs are determined by the number of devices in your Oversea network and whether you opt for an 1-year or 2-year subscription. All subscriptions are paid in advance for the selected term and will auto-renew unless canceled. You will receive advance notice of any renewal.

A subscription is necessary to connect your Oversea devices to the mobile app. Subscriptions are purchased through the Oversea app as part of the setup process for each device.

  • Hub and sensor subscription

    • $19.99/month

    • Includes: 1 hub and up to 6 sensors.

  • Hub only subscription

    • $14.99/month

  • 3 pack sensor only subscription (no Hub owned)

    • $9.99/month for each 3 sensors

  • Subscription Period: All plans are based on a monthly rate for 1-year prepaid subscriptions.

  • Discount for 2-Year Plans: Customers opting for 2-year plans will receive a 20% discount on the total subscription cost.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: All subscription plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee for full satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days of your subscription, you can request a full refund.

  • Renewal: All subscriptions are paid in advance for the term selected, and will auto-renew unless otherwise cancelled. You will be notified in advance of any renewal.